Dermatology and Cosmetology

Treating all skin diseases

Cosmetology and Laser

The most advanced devices

Laser hair removal Candela & Duo-pro (cold laser).

Carbon laser (Hollywood peeling) to rejuvenate the skin, bleaching the hair, and remove the pores.

Non-surgical face and neck lifting, jawline contouring and collagen stimulation.

Treatment of scars, acne scars, wounds, pigmentation and vaginal tightening.

For the rejuvenation the skin, treatment of pores and pigmentation by inserting all kinds of vitamins, plasma and mesotherapy in the skin without the need for injection.

Radiofrequency (Morpheus 8): a technique to rejuvenate and tighten the skin and to treat the effects of acne and burns and wounds and to correct enlarged pores.

Treatment of subcutaneous fat accumulations in an ocular form, which accumulate in different parts of the body. The Body tite device dissolves fat with radio frequency technology, strengthens the surface of the skin and contributes to the design of the body in the treated area, all in one process.

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