Radiology Department

The radiology department at Marble Medical Center is equipped with modern and high efficiency and performance equipment to meet the needs of the patients.

Devices Included

A modern 16-gauge device capable of carrying out and performing any X-ray examination stratification and body coloration with high precision and production of 3D images for any organ to be photographed to help doctors make the perfect diagnosis for the patient.

This device is one of the latest and most modern devices in the medical field. It generates images directly from the device to the computer screens without the use of movies (digital), which saves time to the patient.

Ultrasound is capable of taking any image which also includes imaging arteries with a Doppler system.

Generates high-resolution digital images of the jaw and teeth to help the dentist to diagnose and determine the best treatment to the patient.
In addition, it provides jaw dimensions for orthodontic and other pictures for the area of the face and sinuses.

Our Special Doctors