About the Physician

Specialized in compassionate and thorough pediatric care,Dr. Azzam Khallouf a strong ability to diagnose and treat a range of conditions in infants, babies, and children.These conditions include fevers, infections, skin irritations, upset stomachs, minor injuries, and common childhood illnesses.

Dr. Azzam has over a decade of expertise in pediatric care for children from birth to 15 years old. He is a highly experienced and qualified Pediatrician with a diverse background, committed to working closely with parents. His dedication ensures that parents receive comprehensive information and the necessary tools for their child’s healthcare.

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    Master of Pediatric.


    • Treating all children's diseases
    • Treating chest diseases, allergies and asthma
    • Treatments for major respiratory infections (tonsillitis, ear infection)
    • Regular follow-up of the child’s development and growth (physical and mental) before birth
    • Proper nutrition guidelines
    • Treatment of disorders diseases
    • Protection against obesity and overweight
    • Giving periodic vaccinations to children
    • Diagnosis and treatment of asthma
    • Infant care tips, incl. Nutrition and sleep
    • Developmental assessments
    • Nutritional guidance