About the Physician

Dr. Mohamad Belali is a highly experienced Otolaryngology (ENT) Doctor with an extensive professional background spanning over 15 years. He specializes in examining, diagnosing, and treating disorders, diseases, and injuries related to the ear, nose, and throat. His expertise allows him to provide patients with tailored and effective treatment plans.

Dr. Belali is proficient in recommending and conducting tests to assess the severity of conditions, aiding in accurate diagnoses. He possesses vast surgical experience, having performed various operations including septoplasty, microscopic ear surgery, tonsillectomy and adenectomy, turbinectomy, snoring surgery, and managing head and neck trauma cases.

Additionally, he is adept in fibro and rigid endoscope examinations for the nose and throat, conducting audiologic tests, and performing microscopic examinations for ear-related issues. His specialization lies in diagnosing and treating ENT-related conditions and performing a wide array of surgeries within this field.

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    Arab Board, Master Degree and Syrian Board in Otorhinolaryngology and Head & Neck Surgery.


    Syrian Society of Otorhinolaryngology.


    • Middle Ear Disorders
    • Mouth Disorders
    • Horsiness & Larynx Disorders
    • Sinus Diseases
    • Vertigo and Balance Disorders
    • Tinnitus & Hearing Disorders
    • Ear wash & Foreign Body Removal
    • Snoring and Breathing Difficulties
    • Correction of Septal Deviation
    • Nasal Fracture Reduction
    • Tongue Tie Release
    • Tympanostomy and Ventilation Tube Insertion
    • Adenotonsillectomy